• Unlock iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 6s EE UK

Unlock iPhone EE UK (T-Mobile & Orange) PERMANENTLY through iTunes. This service fully unlocks your iPhone  from EE to accept any network provider. Update your iPhone without any worries of it locking up again!

Phone must be 6 month old

How do I unlock my iPhone from EE to other networks?

1. Enter your iPhone's IMEI (15 digits long) in the box and select the correct model.
2. Click on Add to cart, and Checkout with your selected payment preference.
3. Once we have received your payment we will then process your order.
4. Within 5 working days we will contact you to let you know your iPhone is now ready for unlocking.
5. Make sure you have the latest version of firmware version installed on your iPhone
6. All you have to do is insert non EE sim card and phone will reboot to activation, Connect to WiFi network and unlock will be completed.
7. Your iPhone is now unlocked permanently!

How long does it take to unlock my iPhone ?
It takes up to 5 working days to add your phone's IMEI to the database so that you can then unlock your phone via iTunes - which only takes a couple of minutes.

How will I know when to connect my iPhone to iTunes to unlock it?
We will inform you by e-mail or Text Message when your phone is ready to be unlocked.

Can I connect my iPhone to iTunes while you're processing for the unlock?
Yes sure you can, it won't harm the unlocking procedure at all.

If I update my iPhone firmware with iTunes at a later date will it lock up again?
No it won't, your iPhone will be unlocked permanently and will never lock itself up again.

How do I find out the IMEI of my iPhone ?
1. Switch on your iPhone
2. On the Home screen tap on Settings > General > About
3. Scroll down and you will see the IMEI field with your phone's 15 digit IMEI

Note: This service is ONLY for iPhone and locked on EE UK.
To unlock an iPhone locked on O2 UK click on this link: Unlock iPhone O2
To unlock an iPhone locked on Vodafone UK click on this link: Unlock iPhone Vodafone

Unlock iPhone and EE is also known as:
iPhone and EE permanent unlock
Unlock EE iPhone
Unlocking iPhone on EE
How to unlock iPhone and on EE

Unlock iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 6s EE UK

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